Joonas Paalasmaa

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2017-: Apple, Cupertino, CA, USA.

2007-17: CTO & Chief Scientist, Beddit Ltd, Espoo, Finland.

2001-2007: Research engineer etc, Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland.


Computer Science PhD, University of Helsinki (thesis here). I developed unobtrusive sleep measurement methods that enable tracking sleep without wearable sensors.

Electronic Physiological Music, a bio-music art project. We measure biosignals such as heart rate and respiration and create music based on them in real time.

Sleep Musicalization. This was a collaboration between Beddit and University of Helsinki, where we built a system for turning Beddit sleep measurements into music, automatically. The project was featured widely in international media.


Some of my publications are in Google Scholar. Pre-print PDFs available below.

Some very old code:

arduino-ecg: an ECG heartbeat detector for Arduino devices

zephyr-bt: Python library for the Bluetooth protocol of Zephyr BioHarness and HxM devices