Joonas Paalasmaa

Tel: +1 408 702 5872
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2017-: Apple, Cupertino, CA, USA.

2007-17: CTO & Chief Scientist, Beddit Ltd, Espoo, Finland.

2001-2007: Research engineer etc, Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland.


Computer Science PhD, University of Helsinki (thesis here). I developed unobtrusive sleep measurement methods that enable tracking sleep without wearable sensors.

Electronic Physiological Music, a bio-music art project. We measure biosignals such as heart rate and respiration and create music based on them in real time.

Sleep Musicalization. This was a collaboration between Beddit and University of Helsinki, where we built a system for turning Beddit sleep measurements into music, automatically. The project was featured widely in international media.


My publications in Google Scholar and at University of Helsinki

PhD thesis


Other publications


arduino-ecg: an ECG heartbeat detector for Arduino devices

zephyr-bt: Python library for the Bluetooth protocol of Zephyr BioHarness and HxM devices